Because You Deserve To Live Longer

Because You Deserve To Live Longer

Hey smoothies lover!Ā 

Have you ever thought of wanting to live longer? While none of us will live forever, you can include some additional years to your life by paying attention on what you eat. To increase your life expectancy as well as improving the quality of your life, look at these fruits that help prevent chronic disease.

1. Blueberries

A new study published in theĀ Journal of Gerontology Series AĀ has found that eating 200g of blueberries every day for a month can lead to an improvement in blood vessel function and a decrease in systolic blood pressure in healthy people. AntioxidantsĀ protect your body from free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage your cells and contribute to aging and diseases, such as cancer.Ā Blueberries are believed to have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all common fruits and vegetables.Ā The main antioxidant compounds in blueberries belong to a family of polyphenols antioxidants called flavonoids.Ā 

2. CranberriesĀ 

Cranberries are a popular superfood. People can consume them in the form of a sauce or a juice. They can also add them to stuffing, casseroles, or dessert. These highly nutritious berries are also a staple of Thanksgiving dinner.Ā Many people consider cranberries to be a superfood due to their high nutrient andĀ antioxidant content. Some evidence proposes that the polyphenols contained in cranberries may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).Ā A 2019 systematic review found thatĀ supplementing cranberries in the diet can enable an individual to deal with several risk factors for CVD. These include systolic blood pressure, which is the blood pressure during a contraction of the heart muscle. Besides that, cranberry supplementation helped reduce body mass index (BMI) and improve levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL).Ā 


3. Strawberries

The heart-shaped silhouette of the strawberry is the principle hint that this fruit is beneficial for you. These potent little packages protect your heart, increase HDL cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and guard against cancer. Packed with vitamins, fiber, and particularly high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols, strawberries are a sodium-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie food. They are among the top 20 fruits in antioxidant capacity and are a good source of manganese and potassium. Just one serving -- about eight strawberries -- provides more vitamin C than an orange.

4. Raspberries

Raspberries are a popular berry with a rich colour and sweet juicy taste. They are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Raspberries can range in colour from the popular red and black varieties to purple, yellow, or golden. Each colour of berry has a unique composition ofĀ vitamins, minerals, andĀ antioxidants.Ā TheĀ antioxidant contentĀ of plant foods, such as raspberries, may help prevent a range of health conditions.Vitamins C and E,Ā selenium,Ā beta carotene, lutein, lycopene, and zeaxanthin are allĀ examplesĀ of antioxidants, and they areĀ all presentĀ in raspberries. Raspberries also contain plant chemicals calledĀ flavonoids, which have antioxidant effects.


Living longer, healthier lives is top of mind for many people and a life-long diet rich in fruits and veggies can help get you there. Start eating some fruits now!

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