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Mr Avocado Plush Keychain (Available in Singapore & Malaysia Only)

Mr Avocado Plush Keychain (Available in Singapore & Malaysia Only)

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$1 USD from every Juice Cup Pro sold will be donated to support the underprivileged children via World Vision.

Finest Texture

Juice Cup Pro features a High-Speed Blender motor which have the speed up to 21,000 rev/min to produce the finest and perfect texture for smoothie.

Innovative Safety System

Juice Cup Pro has a built-in safety feature to ensure the blender will not activate if the components are improperly assembled.

Re-Engineered Blade

Juice Cup Pro features a brand new 304 Stainless Steel Blade to ensure the finest texture of the smoothie and capable of crushing ice cubes and frozen fruits.

Effortless Charging

The future is here, now you are able to experience the freshest flavors everywhere you go with a HiBlendr's portable and USB rechargeable blender. After blending 12-15 beverages on a single full charge (about 2.5 hours), just simply plug into any USB port or charger to recharge in no time. 

Easy To Clean

Your HiBlendr Juice Cup Pro will also practically clean itself. Imagine never having to clean your blender again. Just add water and an optional drop of soap, run your Juice Cup Pro until it's clean and rinse with clear water!

Hello guys, my name is Mr. Avocado. Nice to meet you!

Meet Mr. Avocado, our brand new plushie toy for Avocado lovers. It can be your companion, your decoration in your room, your everyday keychain, and whatever you may think of. It is a perfect gift for your loved one, who doesn't like a mini Mr. Avocado right? 😉

Mr. Avocado Profile:
Height: 15cm / 150mm (i know he's short 😂)
Weight: Secret 🙊 (trust me it's light 😉)
Softness: Superb Soft
Skills: Act Cute, makes you look cute, easy to find (if you use it as the keychain), makes your friends jealous of you

Bring our super cute Mr. Avocado home, they are waiting for their new owners! 🥺

*Available in MY Warehouse Only!

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