Juice Cup Pro S (2nd Gen) - Premium Portable Blender

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Reimagine the way you blend, experience the freedom of blending your favourite drinks anytime, anywhere. Hiblendr - compact, powerful & aesthetically designed to look like a tumbler!

āœ… 2024 Upgraded Version:

  • More Stable & Powerful Motor
  • Enhanced & Stronger 6 Blades
  • Better Water Resistant (Washable)
Color: Flamingo Pink
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Ellen Chong

Good helper for lazy people šŸ˜‚

It is so so so useful and helpful for lazy lady like me, hahaha. Why i say so? It is because it is easy to use. It is not heavy or big, easy to bring it with me. Now i can drink juice anytime i want. Besides that, it is easy to clean up. It is superšŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

Hanis Hamdan

Love HiBlendr

It is so easy! Bought it from GrabPay. I bought few portable fruit blenders (all KO in short period of time), but this is the best. Been carrying all the time w me. So savvy. Day and night blending fruits it's a must for me. Hope it last long!



Bought it for my husband. According to him it was the best blender that he have used so far. He uses it to blend his protein shake. Easy to blend, no leakage and easy to turn the cup for blending. Very smooth and lumps.



Bought for my daughter to use in college. All it takes is only 20-40 seconds of blends, fresh juices and smoothies are healthy and ready to drink. Easy to wash with just a button click. THANK YOU & LOVE IT !!

Planning to buy again for Birthday present and Xmas present in the coming months :)


Best Portable Blendr Ever

My son cried when I used my newly bought kitchen blender to make protein smoothies. The sound was soooo loud. Then suddenly my Ig acc was full of this ads from HiBlendr šŸ˜‚ immediately ordered from HiBlendr website and I gotta sayā€¦ best portable blendr ever. Easy to clean, easy to crush ice, and no more loud sound.


Drink healthy OnTheGo

I have been diagnosed with SLE recently. So eating and drinking [other than plain water] is quite restricted. But now, with HiBlendr i can just purchase any fruit at the supermarket, wash them and drop them in... and start blending. So much cheaper, cleaner and... definately healthier. Its an item that is always in my bag nowadays. Good investment indeed.

Lim Fang Sun

Just hiblendr u likes!

Very easy to use this hiblendr. Just put this put that put everything and just blend. Just few second, u get smoothie and easy to maintain and convenient. Recommend hiblendr for everyone or everything from smoothies, quick sauce, icy blend ā€¦ā€¦. etc

Won Lim

Convenient gadget for daily basis!

Absolutely convenient for my daily pre-workout meal. Just blend and go as it is. Bottle with sleek design too. Love it!

Rachel Thong

Stylish design with awesome colors.

Blended with hiblendr mixed berries C-booster with almond milk, yogurt and oats. Voila, it's ready to be consumed. Easy easy, no more cutting fruits and washing is a breeze too. No risk of cuts from the blades.

Rachel BS Tan

Easy to use and clean, convenient to bring around. In fact I've purchased twice for the item as one place in the office pantry and one at home.

Eugene T

Its the best & convenient!

I do lots of workout and yes i do smoothies! Do trust me when it come to this, hiblendr does the job right!

Azleena Kamaruzaman

Cookies and cream

Ive made cookies and cream for my kids and they love the textures very much. Hiblender able to grind the ice cubes very fine.

Josephine Tan

Super easy Hiblender

Very convenience n fast blender within 20s you be able to get a cup full of juicy fruity drink for your day

Mas AnumĀ SenawiĀ 

Original Juice Cup Pro

I love this item. It helps me a lots through my diet journey. Easy to make a healthy breakfast & dinner. Really recommended. Thank you. šŸ’œ

Alliya Aqilla


Super easy! Hassle free because it is wireless. Convenient to bring anywhere anytime. Fast blend and I love it so much

Hayley Kok

Always buy frm official store to prevent counterfeit product.

Very good quality of product, I blend semi frosted watermelon medium size cube with some water... The blended juice is very fine.... Outside drink cost bout 15... Buy fresh fruit cut and frost n blend anytime. Healthy and save cost.


I love how convenient it is.

Portable and so easy to clean. I can bring it to everywhere I want. Traveling and even to the gym! šŸ˜

Saras Narayanan

Healthy breakfast

Just love the juice cup pro.
Itā€™s made my life much easier , less fuss and less stress


A healthy start of the Day

The blender works well. Really save me a lot time to kick start my day healthily...

Kumathi K Chanderasekaran

Blender Review

1 of best investment I have purchased! Definitely my go-to blender within 20 seconds!

Kasuma Hatta


Been using it every morning! Such an ease and helps me w my clean eating ā¤ļø

Juice Cup Pro S (2nd Gen) - Premium Portable Blender - HiBlendr

For All Occasions.





Juice Cup Pro S (2nd Gen) - HiBlendr


It is not just another blender,

but your guide to a better, healthier way of living.

Made for those who wants to get healthy without the hassle.

Why Choose Hiblendr?

Small Blender, Big Performance.

Big blender performance (21,000 RPM). Turns ice, frozen fruits and even your protein powder into smooth nutrition in 20 seconds.

Nutrition On The Go.

Lightweight yet sturdily built with an easy-carry strap. Just slip it into your bag for fresh beverages on-the-go.

Self-Cleaning Like A Dream.

Simply blend one cycle with soap and water, and rinse it off. That's health without the hassle.

Your Safety Comes First.

Built in Smart Lid Safety System: Our blenders only activates when the lid is securely locked.

Take "Charge" of Your Life Easily.

One full charge can lasts you up to 15-20 blends with the water-resistant USB-C charging port.

Hiblendr vs Others

More than just a blender.

Hiblendr is not just a blender; itā€™s a lifestyle. Simplify your daily routine by quickly making nutritious breakfasts, creative lunches, and energy-boosting drinks for exercise.

Blend anytime, anywhere with its portable design. Save time and money while enjoying a healthier lifestyle with HiBlendr.

Blend anything, anytime, anywhere.

Experience the mastery of HiBlendr in making smoothie-shop-grade smoothies, creamy protein shakes, and an array that includes slushies, baby food, dips, dressings, sauces.

Juice Cup Pro S (Duo Bundle) - HiBlendr

Small but mighty.

With it's 6 toothed blades and hyper-speed motor, no ingredient is too big or can I say ā€hardā€ for this lil guy.

Juice Cup Pro S (Duo Bundle) - HiBlendr

Just like your smartphone.

It's Type-C rechargeable. Never need to worry about your blender juice running out while youā€™re juicing it up!

Juice Cup Pro S (Duo Bundle) - HiBlendr

Blender that cleans itself as fast as it blends.

The self-cleaning will leave you beaming, as thereā€™s no need for you to be cleaning a bulky blender again!

Hydrate & Blend Bundle (Hidration & Juice Cup Pro S Bundle) - HiBlendr

No more risks of cutting your fingers.

With Smart Safety System, it only blend when cover is properly closed.

What's Included?

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Loved by 45,000+ Customers

Don't just take our words for it, we'll let our customers do the talking

Customer Reviews

Based on 1052 reviews
Great product

Easy to use, very user friendly ā€¦.

Azri Nek Mohd Juhari
My Review

Ease to be used & practical. All can be done with just a single click.

Love the convenience

At first I encountered some trouble getting the blender to work. Went to the Hiblendr office and the staff showed me how to really tighten the lid in order for it to work (Thanks). Ever since then, I really love using the blender for my protein shake every night. Mix protein powder with water and ice and I get a really delicious smoothie-like protein shake. No need to shake the bottle anymore, Hiblendr does it all.


I'm happy with my purchase as it is convenient to do it at the office or while travelling. However, you need to do smaller portions and shake it up a few times for it to blend well. Maybe the chunks in the frozen fruits can also be made smaller esp the brocolli.

Herushini Gunaselan

All-New Juice Cup Pro S (2nd Gen - 2023 Version)

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