$1 from every Juice Cup Pro sold is going towards The Power of Nutrition, a charity committed to helping children grow to their full potential, ending the cycle of undernutrition and enabling countries to build strong and prosperous communities.

When you purchase a HiBlendr Juice Cup Pro, not only you will get a healthier life, but also a child across the world will get healthier life from your contribution. 

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Why Nutrition?

Undernutrition is the underlying cause of 45 percent of all child deaths globally. In Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, nearly 4 in 10 children are growing up suffering from stunting – a chronic condition that limits the development of their bodies and brains and impacts on all aspects of their health and wellbeing.

Investing in better nutrition for mothers and during early childhood – especially during the crucial first 1,000 days of life – is proven to be one of the best means we have to transform a child’s health, education and livelihood.

Yet nutrition is still chronically underfunded; global spending by donors on undernutrition is 0.5 percent of Overseas Development Assistance (Global Nutrition Report 2017) and less than 1 percent of national government budgets.

The Power of Nutrition seeks to drive investment at scale in proven interventions that will help to reduce undernutrition in countries where the burden is most acute.

Where we work?

The Power of Nutrition is committed to working in countries with the highest burdens of stunting, where stunting rates are 30 percent or higher, or at least 250,000 children under five are affected by stunting and prevented from reaching their full potential.

The Power of Nutrition has invested in 12 of these countries to date – working with our implementing partners and national governments to develop major nutrition programmes, which are designed to improve access to nutrition for mothers, in the critical first 1,000 days of life and on into early childhood.

We also have an ambitious pipeline of future investments that will help other countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to tackle undernutrition and improve opportunities for mothers and children.

What is stunting?

Around the world, nearly 150 million children under the age of five suffer from stunting. This is a chronic condition that can occur if a child does not have access to the right nutrition – in particular during the crucial first 1,000 days of their life.

Stunting not only affects a child’s health, making them more susceptible to disease and infection, but also impairs their mental and physical development – meaning children who suffer from stunting are less likely to achieve their full height and cognitive potentials as adults.

Thank you so much to everyone for your support and contributions. We will be donating $1 from every Juice Cup Pro sold to The Power of Nutrition.

*information from The Power of Nutrition website.